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Isabella and Helene talk “The Prom”, “Analog and Vinyl”, Madres de la Plaza de Mayo, Fire Mountain Fabrics, and Defend the Depot (Update)!

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Happy Women’s History Month! 
Isabella here. It’s the time of the year where we emphasize women’s success stories across varieties of fields and all borders. This month, NewPrensa wants to highlight women who are leaders, local business owners and artists in Minnesota. Keep an eye out on our socials to find out more. 

It’s March 2nd and many things are being celebrated around the world, too. However, I’d like to highlight this date as the day of the enactment of the Jones-Shafroth Act in 1917, which granted Puerto Ricans United States citizenship. Today is also Adwa Victory Day, where Ethiopia celebrates their nation’s sovereignty and victory over Italy in 1896. 

My song of the week is: Piece of Me by Lady Wray. Remember to head to our NewMusica playlist for NewTaste and NewVibes.

“The Prom” cast at Chanhassen Dinner Theatre opening night Friday Feb. 17, 2023. 📸 Chris Alvarez and Ebe Morales | NewPrensa
“The Prom” cast at Chanhassen Dinner Theatre opening night Friday Feb. 17, 2023. 📸 Chris Alvarez and Ebe Morales | NewPrensa

On Friday Feb. 17th, the NewPrensa team joined Chanhassen Dinner Theatre for the premier of “The Prom: A story of love, acceptance and embracing the person you were meant to be!” A wonderful cast, composed by Monty Hays, Maya Richardson, Jodi Carmeli, Tod Petersen, Helen Anker, and Shad Hanley. The 2016 musical focuses on a group of narcissistic Broadway stars seeking to redeem their public image as they advocate for a small Indiana town teen who wants to go to prom with her girlfriend. We had a wonderful time in the theater’s dimly lit atmosphere, paired with a three course meal of our choice. We were excited to watch what the cast and creatives put together. NewPrensa writers Ebe Morales and Chris Alvarez covered the show and have plenty of intel to share with our readers on what to expect from the show. Read the article here.

The record shop owner Harrison (Roland Hawkins II) and the devil (Bradley Johnson) for Analog and Vinyl of the Minneapolis Musical Theatre at Phoenix Theatre on Friday Feb. 24, 2023. 📸 Unser Imagery | Minneapolis Musical Theatre. 
Rodeo Girl (Grace Hillmyer) for Analog and Vinyl of the Minneapolis Musical Theatre at Phoenix Theatre on Friday Feb. 24, 2023. 📸 Unser Imagery | Minneapolis Musical Theatre. 

There’s more plays coming your way this Summer. While it’s still cold and snowy, the Minneapolis Musical Theatre has put together another one of their well done “rare musicals” at the Phoenix Theatre in Uptown, Minneapolis. Analog and Vinyl is a story about a struggling record shop owner who’s about to lose his family’s store and a young hip girl in search of true love. The store owner is presented with an offer he can’t deny – or can he? The cast is brought to you by Roland Hawkins II, Grace Hillmyer, Bradley Johnson, Georgia Doolittle, Kyle Camay, Vanessa Brooke Agnes (Director), Brenda Varda (Music Director), Jorie Kosel (Costume Designer) and Alaster Gill (Stage Manager). The actors did a stupendous job at interpreting the characters. The songs were catchy and heartwarming, at times. The audience laughed and cheered the actors after each tune, while many found themselves rooting for the main love plot and salvaging the record store. “A hipster rom-com” gone good, with quirky remarks of today’s youth and the experience of living in the past.

Abuelas de la Plaza de Mayo marching in their iconic white handkerchiefs 📸 https://abuelas.org.ar/ 

Helene here! Thursday morning means back to class for me, but it’s hard to complain. I’ve been learning more about Las Madres de la Plaza de Mayo in class, a group of mothers and grandmothers of children who were disappeared or born in captivity during the National Reorganization Process of the Argentine military dictatorship that governed Argentina from 1976 to 1983. It’s a challenge and a tragedy that lives on to the current day in Argentina. The Madres are a group well worth knowing, at the very least because of the impact they’ve had in helping with national remembrance, but also because of how they were able to protest during a time of rampant censorship because of their non-political status. They used their status as mothers and homemakers to form large scale protests that went effectively uncensored. Do read about the Madres, whether for Women’s History Month or just because they’re important to know about. Whatever it takes! 

Merchandise at the new store, Fire Mountain Fabrics and Supply, a one-stop shop for Native fabrics and regalia supplies in Brooklyn Park, Minnesota 📸 Jaida Grey Eagle l Sahan Journal

Now, in local news: a new Native-American run fabric store just opened in Brooklyn Park. It’s being received joyously from those looking to sew their (or their family’s) regalia, many of whom had previously needed to go to multiple stores or order online to get everything they needed. The owners, Arlene Fairbanks and Jessica Travis, had the idea for years before Fairbanks was diagnosed with aggressive cancer. The diagnosis pushed them to act, and they’re now the proud owners of Fire Mountain Fabrics. The fabrics they sell are gorgeous, colorful prints that range from floral to more geometric designs. They sell some already made clothing, like their customized ribbon skirt, but mostly they sell lots of the components that go into regalia. In an article on them by the Sahan Journal, they made it clear that non-native people are welcome to shop at their store, but always with respect for the space and materials. 

Last thing from me: I wanted to give you an update on Defend the Depot, a week after our last edition. Six days ago, on Friday, February 24th, there was a court-issued injunction (temporary restraining order) against the Roof Depot demolition scheduled for Tuesday! There are several conditions to the injunction, (which you can read on this Defend the Depot instagram post), but mostly there is a sense of excitement and lots more work to be done over the next two weeks for Defend the Depot to secure the site and keep the building standing. 

That’s it for us this week, and Happy Women’s History Month. If you’re so moved, let us know how you’ll celebrate by dropping us a line at newprensa@newpublica.com

Happy Thursday!

-Isabella and Helene

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