What is NewPrensa?

NewPrensa started as a way to highlight Latinx news and excellence in the Twin Cities. As it evolved, NewPrensa now focuses on the most pressing news affecting any underrepresented community in Minnesota. We’re a news aggregator but we won’t hesitate to let you know our thoughts.

Who’s creating the Newsletter?

Hi there, I'm Helene!

I'm half of the NewPrensa writing duo! My pronouns are she/her. I love learning about digital humanities, digital citizenship, and serving my Minnesota community. Writing NewPrensa allows me to engage in those passions while, most importantly, empowering members of the BIPOC community. I like to cook, camp, and make pottery in my free time. Any new art form I can try, I will.

Hey, I'm Isabella!

I’m the other half of the NewPrensa writing duo! My pronouns are she/her. I am an Argentinian-Chilean writer and active volunteer in the Minneapolis community, always looking forward to educating the younger generations to improve their language speaking skills. As I follow my path to become an arts journalist, I like to invest my time in learning about psychology, social issues, politics and more locally and amongst different communities. In my spare time I am a musician and a foodie, so you might find me listening to music while enjoying an amazing dish of food somewhere in the Twin Cities!

And I'm Maria!

I'm the editor of NewPrensa! My pronouns are she/her. As a young, bisexual, Puerto Rican woman, I've always had to make an effort to find accurate news that was relevant and important to me. Since moving to Minneapolis, I've fallen in love with the culture and community I'm surrounded with daily. With that, I've been more excited than ever to bring BIPOC-focused news to the Twin Cities. More about me, I'm a big sports fan, musical enthusiast, and an avid board game player.