Minnesota protects the right to gender-affirming care

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Today’s edition:Isabella and Helene talk the Museum of Russian Art, the Uptown Theater, Cherry Pit’s performance at the Green Room,
Drivers Licenses for All, and protecting gender-affirming care in Minnesota! 

Hello everyone! Helene here. A while ago, I learned that Minneapolis has one of the largest collections of Russian art outside of Russia. Who’d’ve thought! It’s because of The Museum of Russian Art (TMORA) in the Windom neighborhood in Minneapolis, which houses impressive permanent and traveling exhibits! But right now, TMORA is being confronted, just like the rest of the world, with the difficult reality of the Russian war in Ukraine. In response to the war, the museum is hosting two exhibits: one, called “Premonition of a Dystopian Russia”, by a Russian painter who predicted dystopia decades ago, and two, called “Ukraine Defiant: Paintings by Elena Kalman”, whose paintings were produced starting a year ago, when the war began. They’re impactful works, and each exhibit will be open until mid July. Check it out if you feel so inclined! And the TMORA building is a beauty in and of itself. You can read a bit about its history here.

The exterior of the Uptown Theater in Minneapolis, as seen in Jan. 2022. 📸 Jay Gabler | The Current 2022

In other exciting news, the landmark Uptown Theater is reopening, albeit with a different owner and purpose. The theater was acquired by the same owner of the Armory venue, and will be used for a host of events. Things like town hall meetings, Ted-talk speakers, plays, film screenings, and other live performances will be found there in the near future. And in the near future, indeed! The grand reopening is scheduled for the beginning of May, and bands have already been selected to play at the opening party. Tickets for that go on sale Friday. Exciting for an area that saw many iconic closures over the pandemic. Do put it on your springtime bucket list! 

The Cherry Pit: Volume 6 at the Green Room in Minneapolis, Minnesota on Saturday Mar. 4th, 2023. 📸 Derrick Gichaba | The Cherry Pit

Top of the morning, readers. Isabella here. 

Oh, do I have some quite ‘Marvelous’ news for you. The Cherry Pit had their sixth volume last Saturday Mar. 4th, and performed at the Green Room for the first time (More on the Green Room in (NewPrensa’s 241 edition). Carbon Sound calls the welcoming music space “one of the Twin Cities’ most promising musical experiments.” Its experimental and expansive aura captivates its audience as The Cherry Pit brings a new set of artists to perform in each volume. Founder and creative director Leo Dreis, known for his stage name ‘Marvelous’, started out the bohemian, laid-back jam sessions in Madison, Wisconsin. It slowly grew into a community that looks forward to attending an artistic space filled with young locals floating in their own element. Saturday’s Volume 6 consisted of Marvelous (composer/singer/pianist), Mike Kota (singer/guitar), Ada Magdalena (trumpet), The Loving Light (songstress), Henry Breen (guitar), Tarek Abdelqader (drums) and Ivan Cunningham (saxophone).

The ethereal and unmatchable sextet was so diverse in sound that it made it impossible for you to skip the next song. The Green Room was dressed in greenery with a first-row covered in turkish-style carpets, pillows and a couch to enjoy the comfort of the music. The Cherry Pit offers open jam sessions after the grand performance to allow the audience to join in on the free flow voyage of personal and collective sentiment. I’m excited to see this collective grow into its destined greatness. 

Gov. Tim Walz shows off the signed Driver’s Licenses For All into law on Tuesday, March 7, 2023. 📸 Alfonzo Galvan l Sahan Journal

In other grandiose news, Gov. Tim Walz signed the Driver’s License for All bill (DL4A) on Mar. 7 and took executive action to protect access to gender affirming health care in Minnesota on Mar. 8. Big changes are coming for the people who sustain this state, only to make it better. 

The DL4A bill will be implemented on Oct. 1, 2023, where any person will have the right to perform the written and driving test for a class D state license. Manuals are available in multiple languages, such as Spanish, Somali and Hmong. Check with a criminal and immigration lawyer if you have pending charges, deportation orders, or encounters with other law enforcing agencies. Most importantly, do not commit fraud when applying for the license, such as false documentation or obtaining licenses under different names. 

And just a reminder that NewPrensa contributors Isabella and Chris had the privilege to attend several major milestones as the bill passed. You can check out the article we wrote here and the reel we made here! 

Also, from now on, “executive Order 23-03 protects the rights of Minnesota’s LGBTQ community to seek and receive gender affirming health care in Minnesota.” In this state, you are safe, protected and welcomed. State agencies will ensure that your rights and identity are protected and the Minnesota Department of Health will provide research on the effectiveness of gender affirming health care. Minnesota will deny help to other states looking to penalize or extradite individuals seeking or accused of related acts to gender affirming care. 

Let’s continue to make a change in Minnesota!

That’s all from us. Remember to listen to our bi-weekly’s NewMusica: NewTaste, NewVibes. Curated by the NewPrensa team, just for you! 

-Isabella and Helene 

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