Divestment Deals, Delicious Dishes, and DPOY Drama: It’s a Minnesota Minute!

This week’s edition covers stories from May 2nd to May 8th, 2024. Today’s issue is 990 words, an 8–minute read. Hey everyone! Mateo here. This week is full of positive highlights, as we dive into the progress being made on the UMN campus, a premiere event kicking-off a new series on TPT, a local teacher winning a prestigious award, a sparkling film […]

Twin Cities on a Plate: “Relish” Explores Food & Culture

by Isabella Silva-Biotti Food is a language, a universal connector that brings people together. We recently had the opportunity to attend an exclusive preview event hosted by TPT for their upcoming Epicurious culinary series, “Relish“! Treated to delicious food courtesy of Union Hmong Kitchen, we also got to hear from the passionate chefs who will […]

Drake Needs New Kicks? + Cinco de Mayo Fiesta!

This week’s edition covers stories from April 25th to May 1st, 2024. Today’s issue is 565 words, an 5–minute read. Hey everyone! It’s your girl, Isabella.  This month was a whirlwind of good vibes. I soaked up the sun at the park (finally!), got my documentary fix at the Profe Q&A (super insightful!), and satisfied my taste buds with some incredible plant-based burgers at […]

Uber & Lyft: Hitting the Brakes (For Now)

This week’s edition covers stories from April 11th to April 17th, 2024. Today’s issue is 1012words, a 8-minute read. Good Morning folks, Happy Thursday! Mateo here, For much of the last couple decades, the Timberwolves have missed the playoffs, leaving the Target Center bare, missing the enthusiastic Minnesota fans who passionately await a championship. But things have changed in MN, for the better, […]

#303: Gen Z: Milk or Wine? 🇰🇷 & Local News!

This week’s edition covers stories from April 4th to April 10th, 2024. Today’s issue is 820 words, a 5-minute read. Good Morning fellow readers, Isabella here. We’re slowly stepping into Spring and that means more warm outdoor activities, cafecitos in the park, and fairs/festivals are just around the corner. If you spend much time on, near, or around the Stone Arch bridge, here’s […]

A Week in Review: Edition 301

This week’s edition covers stories from March 21st to March 27th, 2024. Today’s issue is 685 words, a 5-minute read.  United, and Twins’ Opening Day! Good Morning folks, Mateo here. Second Winter is truly upon us, and I am not a happy camper. Just a week or two ago it felt like summer was right around the corner, and now it’s the complete […]

Celebrate 300 Editions of Hyper-local News

This week’s edition covers stories from March 14th to March 20th, 2024. Today’s issue is 990 words, a 7-minute read. Isabella takes a trip down memory lane for the 300th Edition! ‘Good morning, and in case I don’t see ya: Good afternoon, good evening, and good night!’  I am so happy to be celebrating our 300th edition of NewPrensa with you! That […]

Super Tuesday Election Results and the Buzz About Basketball

This week’s edition covers stories from February 29th to March 6th, 2024. Today’s issue is 815 words, a 6–minute read. Mateo talks Trump and Biden, the Uncommitted Movement, and lots of important basketball upcoming. Good morning readers, Mateo here. I can’t believe it’s already March! For me, that means I get to look forward to filling out brackets, enjoying this year’s most exciting players, and (hopefully) […]

Exploring Homecomings, Cookies, History, and Democratic Advocacy Abroad

This week’s edition covers stories from February 15th, 2024 to February 21st, 2024. Today’s issue is 750 words, a 6–minute read. Isabella talks NewPrensa updates, Girl Scout Cookie finder, Minnesota Daily’s piece on Black History Month, the Basilica Block Party, and Mexico Pink March for Democracy Buenos días mi gente!  Isabella here, back from my South American adventure and feeling rejuvenated to be back […]

Love, Controversy, and Library Loons: This Week’s Newsletter Highlights!

This week’s edition covers stories from February 8th, 2024 to February 14th, 2024. Today’s issue is 900 words, a 7-minute read. Ebe talks Mayor Frey in “hot water”, Super bowl celebrities and fans hating on Tay Swift, and St. Paul Library card and the laser loon Hi hi, it’s Ebe! It’s the season of love and social media feeds and grocery stores are sprinkled with hearts, cupids, […]