Drake Needs New Kicks? + Cinco de Mayo Fiesta!

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Hey everyone! It’s your girl, Isabella. 

This month was a whirlwind of good vibes. I soaked up the sun at the park (finally!), got my documentary fix at the Profe Q&A (super insightful!), and satisfied my taste buds with some incredible plant-based burgers at Frances.

But wait, there’s more!  I also became a certified plant parent (my collection is growing!), and for the truly adventurous, I ventured into the wonderland that is R22 gallery.  Think thousands of amazing trinkets and comfy furniture – a hoarder’s paradise in the best way possible!  ️

Kendrick vs. Drake: The Beef Heats Up

euphoria  📷 Kendrick Lamar

Looks like Kendrick Lamar woke up and chose violence (well, musically at least). His new single “Euphoria” takes aim at Drake’s walk, talk, and fashion sense (and more). Talk about a surprise attack!  Wanna hear the diss track for yourself? Check it out.

Chapell Roan Slays at Coachella

Cover of The Rise and Fall of a Midwest Princess 📸 Chappell Roan

Chapell Roan absolutely dominated her Coachella set!  The internet can’t stop talking about it, and for good reason. On stage she said: “I’m your favorite artists’ favorite artist, I’m your dream girls’ dream girl, and I’m gonna serve you exactly what you are, C**T!” Her debut album, “The Rise and Fall of a Midwest Princess,” is packed with hits like “Red Wine Supernova” and “HOT TO GO!”  Some folks compare her to Lady Gaga and Katy Perry, but I gotta say, she’s got a sound all her own.  Want a taste of this super femme queer pop? Check out her NPR Tiny Desk set – it’s fire!

Uber/Lyft Debacle: The Ride Sharing Rollercoaster

Remember the whole Uber and Lyft situation? Yeah, it’s still a mess.  Everyone’s thinking, “Will a new service come in?” or “Are we stuck with cabs forever?” Here’s the bad news (especially for designated drivers): Minnesota Reformer reports that only “MyWeels” (yes, with no “h”) has even applied to operate in Minneapolis. Buckle up, folks!

Cinco de Mayo and More: Your Weekend Guide

Calling all party animals and animal lovers! This Saturday’s jam-packed with events.

History Restored: Rondo Avenue Makes a Comeback

Big news for the historically Black Rondo neighborhood! Mayor Melvin Carter officially unveiled the new street signs for Rondo Avenue this week. This move honors the community that was displaced by the construction of Interstate 94 in the 50s and 60s.  ✊ You can see highlights from the unveiling courtesy of the Sahan Journal.

Protests Continue at U of M

Pro-Palestinian protesters at the University of Minnesota celebrate after law enforcement abruptly left the scene during a third consecutive day of action on campus on Thursday. Despite threatening to arrest people, police left without detaining anyone. 📸 Tim Evans | MPR News

The Pro-Palestinian protests at the University of Minnesota are entering their third day.  Students are demanding the U of M cut ties with companies linked to the Israeli military. Negotiations are ongoing, but tensions remain high. These protests are part of a nationwide movement, with similar actions happening at universities across the country.  It’s important to understand that these protests are about more than just university investments. As the New York Times points out, many protesters see the war in Gaza as a global issue connected to other major struggles like police brutality, racism, and climate change.

It’s easy for bystanders or even some participants to misunderstand these protests.  Sometimes, people mistakenly label them as anti-Semitic or Zionist. In reality, these protests are about a much bigger goal: ending the war that’s tragically taking countless lives. Many at the Uof M protests are advocating on behalf of both Palestine and Israel, urging them to find a path towards peace and hold each other accountable for ending the violence.

📸 Anthony Souffle | Star Tribune

Want to learn more? Want to support? Here’s more:

If you want to join the movement, there is a community march to the UMN Divest Encampment today at 5:30 PM at 301 S 19th Ave (Humphrey School), Minneapolis, MN.

Stay informed, stay connected. 

See you next week! 

-Isabella and the NewPrensa team

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Two Twin-Cities schools persist in the historic fight for decolonized education. Watch here!
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