Cultivating Tomorrow’s Leaders: A Spotlight on Rayito de Sol

Navigating and choosing a preschool is a very important process to understand, especially for first-time parents. One path that has increasingly become a trend in early education is Spanish Immersion. Studies have found that Spanish Immersion students score higher on tests, have better attendance, show fewer behavioral problems, and parents are more actively involved. Additionally, […]

Empowering Change: Renaming Schools, MPS Leadership Update, and LISC Twin Cities’ 35-Year Milestone

This week’s edition covers stories from November 16th to November 22nd, 2023. Today’s issue is 630 words, a 4-minute read. Mateo talks renaming of Patrick Henry High, MSP welcoming a new superintendent, and LISC Twin Cities’ 35-Year Anniversary Celebration Hey readers, Mateo here. First and foremost, Happy Thanksgiving! I hope you can find some time to reflect on the year we have all had […]

11/2/2023: Lil Yachty in Minneapolis

by Mateo Peralta Lil Yachty was in Minnesota last week for one of the stops on The Field Trip Tour, and I had the opportunity to photograph during the show. The show took place at The Fillmore, located in downtown Minneapolis. It was my first time at The Fillmore, and it did not disappoint. The […]

Conflict, Cheers, and Licenses: A Week in Review ⚾️

This week’s edition covers stories from October 5th to October 11th, 2023. Today’s issue is 1000 words, a 8–minute read. Mateo talks Israel-Gaza conflict, opening of “A Bar of Their Own: All Women’s Sports. All The time.”, first week of DL4A in effect, and reflection piece on historic Latine baseball player Miguel Cabrera Hey readers, it’s Mateo. This week we have a lot of […]

October’s Red Edition: Films, Nobel Prize, Urban Farming & More!

This week’s edition covers stories from September 28th to October 4th, 2023. Today’s issue is 780 words, a 6–minute read. Isabella talks October Twin Cities events, Chemistry Nobel Prize 2023 winners, music albums of the week,East Phillips Neighborhood Institute update,and Ecuadorian immigrant fruit sellers. Good morning,  October has arrived, marking the onset of the spooky season. It’s that time to start brainstorming your […]

Morning Brew: Discover Autumn’s Charm & Exciting Updates

This week’s edition covers stories from September 7th to September 13th, 2023. Today’s issue is 700 words, a 5-minute read. Isabella talks bridges, autumn leaves, new podcast series, Apple’s iOS17, Chef Yia Vang’s new restaurant, and 50th Anniversary of Chile’s 1973 coup Buenasss NewPrensa readers! So, I was strolling through the colorful Winchell trail in South Minneapolis the other day, sipping on my mate tea, and […]

Celebrating Twin Cities’ Music Makers & Shakers

This week’s edition covers stories from August 17th to August 23rd, 2023. Today’s issue is 900 words, an 7-minute read. Isabella and Mateo talk Latiné DJ Cristian Baca and Minnesota’s Water Wave TV Buenos dias readers,  We’d like to introduce you to a new NewPrensa writer, Mateo Peralta. He’s our Communications intern at NewPublica and a recent UW-Madison grad, glad to be […]

Rhythms of Resilience: Dj Baca’s Quest through Twin Cities’ Sonic Landscape

Sold Out First Avenue Headline Show 📸 Cristian Baca by Isabella Silva-Biotti Nestled in the heart of the Twin Cities, where the Mississippi River weaves through a diverse landscape, an extraordinary urban symphony unfolds beneath the vibrant glow of neon lights. Meet Cristian Baca, a Mexican-American DJ whose presence resonates through the dynamic Minneapolis music […]

While The Summer is Still Here

This week’s edition covers stories from August 3rd to August 9th, 2023. Isabella talks National Museum of Mexican Art, Radio Arte, and Diverse Youth-led Broadcasting. Today’s issue is 730 words, a 5.5-minute read. Buenos dias readers,  Embarking on a week-long journey through the enchanting streets of Chicago, I immersed myself in a captivating world of art that surpassed the ordinary. While […]

Norte Café: Elevating Minnesota’s Coffee Experience with Colombian Specialty Coffee

When Minnesotans buy coffee, they should pay attention to three things: the freshness, the roast and the score. Norte Café is a 100% Colombian coffee business ran by Yair “Leo” Carvajalino who comes from a lineage of coffee farmers. Through “dedication, diligence and passion”, Leo and his family have allowed for economic flourishment in the […]