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Hey! I’m Ayanfe.  As a second-generation Minnesotan resident with Nigerian roots, I was rarely exposed to positive stories with people who had similar backgrounds as me. NewPrensa is my chance to curate local news for folks who are looking for a different perspective here in Minnesota.


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Hi, I’m Alycia, communications specialist at NewPublica and half of Ayanfe & Alyica. I co-write NewPrensa and work on a variety of other projects at NewPublica.
Growing up as a white presenting Puerto Rican woman who also identifies as a lesbian, representation was hard for me to find. With no intention to speak for or represent all people, I look forward to the opportunity to continue to bring BIPOC focused, local news to members of the Twin Cities community.


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What Does The MPD Investigation Mean For Minneapolis?

April 30 – May 06

A look inside the MPD investigation, the Peruvian presidential election and how one New Yorker is making veganism less exclusionary.
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