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We are an online only multimedia outlet that highlights Minnesota’s many diverse Latino voices. Our voices will reach you through written articles, podcasts, video and social media. We will reach you mostly in English and sometimes in Spanish.

Meet Aya & Alycia

Howdy, I’m Aya. When I’m not hanging out in my Hogwarts painting,  you can find me writing a myriad of thrilling articles for NewPrensa. As a second-generation Minnesotan resident with Nigerian roots, I was rarely exposed to positive stories with people who had similar backgrounds as me. NewPrensa is my chance to curate local BIPOC news for folks who are looking for a different perspective here in Minnesota.

Outside of NewPrensa, you can find me on the trails camping, hiking, or mountain biking. Playing guitar, or curled up reading a book.

Bitmoji if Aly
Hi, I’m Alycia, communications specialist at NewPublica and half of Aya & Aly. I co-write NewPrensa and work on a variety of other projects at NewPublica. Growing up as a white presenting Puerto Rican woman who also identifies as a lesbian, representation was hard for me to find. With no intention to speak for or represent all people, I look forward to the opportunity to continue to bring BIPOC focused, local news to members of the Twin Cities community.
When I’m not working on NewPrensa, you might find me on a field coaching lacrosse, whipping up a vegan dish, tie dying in my backyard or digging through racks at a thrift store. 



Edition 152: Justice For Daunte Wright

It’s been a tragic week. Rest in power, Daunte Wright. Learn more about the deadly encounter and how to stay safe while protesting, among other BIPOC news, all in this week’s newsletter.

Edition 151: Structural Racism, Health Outcomes, And You.

Structural racism, health outcomes, and you: how structural racism play a role in health outcomes for people of color. Check out this story, plus more local and international BIPOC news, in this week’s newsletter.

Edition 150: MN's immigrant community plays an integral role in the economy

Check out the MN Chamber of Commerce report on the importance of the immigrant community. We also cover local orgs seeking diversity, Emancipation Day in Puerto Rico and more ➡️

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