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Hey! I’m Shota, my pronouns are he/him. As an Asian male, I want to share with the world the accomplishments and issues revolving around people of color in both international and local news. I hope to educate, inform, and most importantly – empower members of the BIPOC community in our area. I love to make music and go on walks in my free time and my favorite genre of music is R&B. 

And I’m Maria, as a young, bisexual, Puerto Rican woman, I’ve always had to make an effort to find accurate news that was relevant and important to me. Since moving to the TwinCities, I’ve fallen in love with the culture and community that I’ve been surrounded with daily. With that, I’m more excited than ever to bring BIPOC focused news to the Twin Cities. More about me, I’m a big sports fan, musical enthusiast, and an avid board game player. 

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Daunte Wright, George Floyd Memorial

Happy December! Stay warm.

November 25 – December 1

This week, we cover updates on the Kim Potter Trial, India’s first Winter Olympics athlete, and more Local, BIPOC, and International News! 

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