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Today’s edition: Isabella and Helene talk the Coronation, Paid Family Medical Leave, and Mental Health Awareness Month 

Protestors at the King’s Coronation on May 6th 📸  Sebastien Bozon | AFP – Getty Images

Hello, hello, NewPrensa readers! Helene here. It’s a busy world these days, and I’m sure you’ve all turned your attention, at least briefly, to the coronation of King Charles. It was hard not to, with all of the coverage it received. The spectacle received its fair share of backlash, primarily from the anti-monarchy group Republic, whose main claim is the replacement of the king with a democratic head of state. Not such a bad idea.

The police, tasked with maintaining order during the coronation, are under fire for their arrests of many peaceful protestors (52 to be exact), including the leader of Republic. The police claim to have made the arrests out of concern that protestors may deface public monuments or otherwise interfere with the planned proceedings. On the flip side, some of the members of Republic said that the arrests just served to give them more publicity. As for the ceremony itself, it was a hugely expensive affair, covered by British taxpayers. It’s still unsure how much the total cost to the public was, but estimates say anywhere between 50-100 million pounds. A cost-of-living crisis in Britain has rightfully brought scrutiny to the government-covered coronation. 

Attendees of the PFML rally participate in protest chants on Monday, May 8th at the Capitol 📸 Isabella Silva-Biotti | NewPrensa 

And now, closer to home. Isabella, Nyabang, and I had the chance to attend the rally on Monday, and the energy in the Capitol was electric. We’re thrilled that Paid Family Medical Leave passed in the Senate! The proposal passed in the Senate with the minimum needed votes, 34. The bill now goes to a conference committee, once the final version emerges, it’ll head to Governor Walz’s desk to be signed, which he has already vowed to do! Things are looking up for Paid Family Medical Leave! That’s it for me this week.

The Mental Health Benefits of Art“ 📸 Custom Canvas Prints

Buenos días todos/as/es, 

Isabella here. As we mentioned in last week’s newsletter, May is mental health awareness month. Spring always brings its fair share of change, and in this season of growth it’s important to bring our focus to mental health. The occurrence of multiple causes that work interchangeably with each other is considered as a mental health condition, while a mental illness is a condition affecting a person’s life, behavior, or mood. According to the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI), “1 in 5 U.S. adults experience mental illness each year.” Also, “1 in 6 U.S. youth aged 6-17 experience a mental health disorder each year,” and 50% of those experience a lifetime mental illness at age 14. I don’t mean to bore you with ‘stats’ this early in the morning, but it is essential to understand the toll it takes on the majority of our U.S. population. Companies have gone far and wide to become aware of these conditions (e.g., anxiety or bipolar disorders). They are providing time and space for individuals to take a step back and break away from triggering variables that can heighten the consequences of a mental health disorder. 

What does it mean to be aware of mental health? For starters, check-ins and check-ups. Not only with others but, most importantly, with yourself. We need to be conscious of our interactions with one another and recognize how much our friends, family and peers are overextending themselves beyond their mental and physical capacities. To be aware is to recognize the stigmas and how to remove oneself from them by understanding a person’s conditions, triggers and treatments. We are all different; therefore we experience differently. Perhaps one person’s anxiety levels aren’t the same as another’s. Comparing one’s capability to handle mental health with someone else’s can be inconsiderate, or disdainful. 

We should educate ourselves on mental health issues, as we educate others, and speak openly about it. Be kind to one another and comprehend the tolls mental illness can take on a person. Follow the SAL’s: Show respect, advocate for our communities, and learn more about mental health to educate yourself and your community. 

Here are some resources in Minnesota for people struggling with mental health who might need assistance or space for healing:

May 2023’s Mental Health Awareness Month is using the hashtag #MoreThanEnough. Remember, tomorrow needs you. Deep breaths and keep on keeping on. 

That’s all from us today! Have a lovely Mother’s Day weekend and jam to our updated playlist, NewMusica: NewTaste, NewVibes

-Isabella and Helene 

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