What Should We Do About Gun Violence?

This week’s edition covers stories from March 23rd to March 29th, 2023. Today’s issue is 1000 words, a 7.7–minute read. In today’s edition: Isabella and Helene talk Transgender Rights and Gun Violence, Diversity And AI Generated Models, and East Phillips Urban Garden and Roof Depot Something new I learned this week: the ten stages of genocide. Thanks to a video on TikTok, – […]

What’s happening in East Phillips?

This week’s edition covers stories from February 16th to February 22nd, 2023. Today’s issue is 1,006 words, a 7.7–minute read Isabella and Helene talk the East Phillips encampment of the Roof Depot, passing the Restore the Vote Bill, and the approval of Drivers Licenses for All in the MN Senate!  I’ve been following what’s been happening in the East Phillips neighborhood of […]