MN Chippewa Tribe Aims to Change Qualification for Membership

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We’re talking about the Minnesota Chippewa Tribe voting to remove “tribal blood percentages” as a qualification for tribal membership as well as the first traditional bark lodge in over 150 years. We’re also discussing Bad Bunny’s historical three-day concert in Puerto Rico.

Local News:

Minnesota Chippewa Tribe voters call for the removal of blood quantum requirement 📸 Minnesota Chippewa Tribe website

Just shy of a quarter of eligible voters of the Minnesota Chippewa Tribe voted on the question of tribal blood percentages as a criteria of membership, with around 65% of this population voting that the blood quantum requirement should be removed. The vote will affect the six reservations that make up the tribe, where a majority of voters say that each reservation should be allowed to determine their own requirements for enrollmentThe blood quantum requirement, which requires 25% percent Minnesota Chippewa Indian blood and has been in place in this tribe since 1961, is the work of the Federal government tracking tribal membership. In this case, the blood quantum requirement has contributed to shrinking tribal enrollment numbers. With each generation, many children born to tribal member parents become ineligible for enrollment as their tribal “blood quantum” shrinks. Now, the decision process to amend the constitution falls into the hands of tribal leaders with a secretarial vote, and at least 30% of Minnesota Chippewa Tribe members (or, another 3,000 people than who voted earlier this summer) must vote on the referendum. 

Members of the Prairie Island Indian Community built the first traditional bark lodge in Minnesota in over 150 years this June. The effort came together with the help of other tribes, like the Gun Lake Band of Potawatomi in Michigan as well as the guide provided by several mid-19th century paintings depicting the bark lodges. No blueprints were used throughout the process
Traditionally, bark lodges were used for ceremonies and gatherings in the summer and for storing items in the winter. Community and government members with Prairie Island recognize the significance of this lodge for their community, which is fostering pride and serves as a testament to the thriving traditions and culture of Prairie Island Indian Community members.


Bad Bunny perform on the first day of his three day concert in Puerto Rico. 📸 Gladys Vega | Getty Images

Puerto Rican superstar, Bad Bunny, performed alongside various special guests at a slew of concerts on the island. Bad Bunny performed at the Coliseo de Puerto Rico on July 28th, 29th, and 30th. Tickets to the shows went on sale on July 9th, but fans started lining up (and camping out) for the chance to attend the shows the day prior. Bad Bunny starts his tour of the states tomorrow in Orlando, FL. Unfortunately, he’s not making an appearance in Minnesota, but he will perform in Chicago if any reggaeton fans want to take a road trip to the Windy City. You can also check him out in his upcoming film, Bullet Train, coming into theaters tomorrow as well! 

Bottom of the News:

Open Arms staff and volunteers prepare meals 📸 Open Arms of Minnesota website

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