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Isabella and Helene talk Donald Trump’s Indictment
and Minnesota artist Jimmy Longoria. 

Former President Donald Trump sat in court for his arraignment on Tuesday. 📸 Seth Wenig | AP Photo

Good morning, NewPrensa readers! Helene here. This morning, we ought to talk about Donald Trump. He’s known, for me and for many others, as untouchable by the law, and it’s both surprising and exciting to see some consequences come his way. It goes deeper than that, though, and there are questions that maybe this will actually help his 2024 campaign. Let’s get into the facts and draw ourselves a picture of what’s going on.

First, the basics. What is an indictment? At the most basic level, it means that a person is being charged with a felony by a grand jury. The infected person is given a formal notice that notifies them that it is believed they’ve committed a crime and contains basic information about the charges against them. Make sense? If not, read on here.

So this is what happened to Trump on Tuesday, April 4th. He was indicted on 34 separate counts related to a hush-money scheme that involved paying money to Stormy Daniels, a porn actress that he had an affair with in 2016 during his presidential campaign. Trump’s lawyer and fix-it man, Michael Cohen, was the one who actually paid Daniels the $130,000, and in 2017 Trump paid Cohen back through the Trump Organization, claiming the payments were legal fees for Cohen’s services to Trump. This is now being charged as falsifying business records in the first degree, which is elevated to a felony charge and not just a misdemeanor because the business records were falsified to “conceal criminal conduct”.

Okay, so how is Trump reacting? And what’s going to end up happening? Well, up until now, Trump is maintaining his innocence and has the backup of several prominent republicans and members of his family. He pleaded not guilty to the 34 criminal charges brought against him. He’s the first US president to be criminally charged. The next hearing for the case is set for December 4th, 2023, and the trial could happen as far as a year out, which would be during Trump’s presidential campaign or even after the 2024 election. It’s completely unprecedented to think that a president or president-elect could stand trial for state charges. But for now, we’ll just have to wait and see. That’s all for me this week! 

An Expansive Universe Unfolds in the Nixta Restaurant Bathroom Thanks to Chicano Artist Jimmy Longoria

By Isabella Silva-Biotti and Chris Alvarez 

Chicano artist Jimmy Longoria (left) and Chef Gustavo Romero (right) at Nixta in NE Minneapolis, MN. Wed. Apr. 5th, 2023 📸 Chris Alvarez | NewPrensa

Chicano artist Jimmy Longoria doesn’t illustrate Mexican history. He doesn’t seek to romanticize the past. Instead, he has envisioned how to look forward. While honoring the roots of Latinx and Chicano culture may be essential, the artist desires to show the contemporary generations the importance of the successful and promising futures ahead of us.

Jimmy Longoria is working on the bathroom art of Chef Gustavo Romero’s restaurant Nixta. The word Nixta (-mal) comes from the term of liming kernels of corn to ground into masa for tacos. Nixta’s tortillas begin as kernels of corn, an heirloom corn from Mexico, and process it traditionally to then adapt it to professional restaurants.

The reason that a very expensive artist is doing a bathroom for food is because these people produce Mexican food at the level of art,” Longoria said. The process of ‘nitxamalizing’ begins at night by letting it sit. The next morning, the nixtamal is cleaned and the skin of the corn is removed, so to grind them and make tortillas. Each step of the process requires a lot of patience to achieve the final product, which is deliciously unique. 

NewPrensa writer Chris Alvarez had the opportunity to speak with Longoria and Romero to understand these processes, the connection between the two artists, and to taste test a secret sauce before the restaurant’s opening in late April, 2023. 

In Minnesota, he’s “THE Chicano artist.” Longoria is a sought-after artist who incorporates an engaging art experience that captivates audiences across the states to continue decoding the complexities of his strokes, with a signature theme of looking towards the future. Additionally, he has an original painting at the Bush Foundation and has had the famous comedian Cheech Marin (from Cheech and Chong) display his artwork in his California home.

When working on the Nixta bathroom, Longoria wanted to transform it “from a tight dark hole into this expansive universe.” The bathroom was a dark blue that is now filled with colorful lacy brush strokes and markers, and worth $50,000 dollars, according to the Chicano artist. 

Why is Chicano art so hot right now? The economy is wavering and there are different currencies at war. The people who have money understand that money isn’t just one thing. “The secret to buying art is rarity, verifiable identity and the artist dying,” Longoria said. 

Longoria feels like he’s working 20 years ahead of himself. What makes his art so unique is that he emphasizes the beauty of comprehending a culture’s trials and tribulations to – as a true Tejano mindset – focus on working on achieving the triumphs that can be reached.  

The reason that Longoria has decided to work on the bathroom art for Nixta is due to the commitment of doing art at the same level. On the mural, visitors and admirers can find motifs such as as a corn plant with roots, grasshoppers, crickets, ants, jaguars, mares, armadillo, iguanas, Quetzal (bird), the face of wind, and more flora and fauna. 

These motifs symbolize the growth and the lessons that are learned in our path to achieving success and greatness in America. Longoria’s art serves as a trajectory to Chicano roots and identity. As the beautiful Longoria art pieces sit behind people, the canvases tell stories unrecognizable to some but undeniably part of a collective that has propelled into forward and transformational thinking. 

Part of mural by Chicano artist Jimmy Longoria in the Nixta bathroom in NE Minneapolis, MN. Wed. Apr. 5th, 2023 📸 Chris Alvarez | NewPrensa

That’s it from us this week! Have a great Thursday.

-Isabella and Helene 

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