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Isabella talks TCMG billboard, Minneapolis Black Cultural Center, MN Yacht Club Festival, and Teacher walkout 

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Goodbye Old MPD Third Precinct.
Hello Minneapolis Black Cultural Center

Architectural renderings of the Black cultural center some community members propose should be built on the Minneapolis police Third Precinct site.” 📸 Sahan Journal | provided by DJR 

Reformative ideas are taking shape in Minneapolis as Frederick Brathwaite, the owner of Mama Sheila’s House of Soul restaurant, proposes a groundbreaking plan for the site of the old Minneapolis Police’s Third Precinct, which burned down in 2020.

Brathwaite’s vision is to establish the Minneapolis Black Cultural Center, and the local committee is actively seeking community input. The Minneapolis City Council has decided to relocate the MPD Third Precinct to 2633 Minnehaha Ave S, providing an opportunity for the community to decide the fate of a space that serves as a reminder of the disheartening events of 2020 and the MPD’s history with the Black community. Brathwaite envisions transforming this space into a “glowing and positive” hub where people from around the country and the world can learn about Black history and culture.

Architectural renderings of the Black cultural center some community members propose should be built on the Minneapolis police Third Precinct site.” 📸 Sahan Journal | provided by DJR

The proposed cultural center aims to be a community hub, featuring diverse and interactive spaces, including a Black history museum, a memorial for those killed by the police, a health and wellness recreational area, a restaurant, retail spaces for Black businesses, and more. Although the project is estimated to cost millions, Brathwaite remains optimistic about his vision. Community members expressed concerns at a recent meeting, but many believe the project is necessary to reconcile with the MPD’s past and provide an authentic representation of the Black community in Minnesota and the U.S.

New Music Festival in the Twin Cities this Summer

Minnesota Yacht Club Festival Lineup, Summer 2024 

In other news, a new music festival is set to take place this summer, hosted by the Minnesota Yacht Club. The two-day event, scheduled for July 19-20 at Harriet Island Regional Park in downtown St. Paul, will feature artists such as Gwen Stefani, Alanis Morrissette, the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Joan Jett and the Blackhearts, Hippo Campus, and more. The festival promises two stages with no overlapping sets, historic riverboat rides, comfortable lounges, exclusive food options, air-conditioned restrooms, and more. Presale begins on Friday, February 2nd, at 10 AM CT.

Minneapolis and Robbsindale Teachers Push for Better Pay

While we eagerly await summer, teachers in the metro area are advocating for better pay. Educators and support professionals in Minneapolis Public Schools and Robbinsdale Area Public Schools have planned several walkout Wednesdays. The Minneapolis Federation of Teachers is requesting an 8.5% salary increase in the first year of their next contract and an additional 7.5% in the second year to address teacher retention. Conversely, the Robbinsdale Federation of Teachers union highlights that teachers are working under expired contracts while the school district faces $17 million in budget cuts, including $10 million in salaries and wages and an additional $3.1 million in benefits.

The MFT and RFT are hopeful that district leaders will listen to their concerns and make changes to prevent potential consequences for education in Minneapolis and Robbinsdale.

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