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Mateo talks Israel-Gaza conflict, opening of “A Bar of Their Own: All Women’s Sports. All The time.”, first week of DL4A in effect, and reflection piece on historic Latine baseball player Miguel Cabrera

Hey readers, it’s Mateo. This week we have a lot of different things to discuss, from overseas conflict to local initiatives coming to fruition. I will talk about the Israel-Gaza conflict and where our president stands on it, a new women’s sports focused bar in the works, a legendary baseball career coming to an end, and new drivers on the road as thousands of Minnesotans become eligible to apply for a driver’s license.

The conflict that has deservedly garnered the most attention recently is the Israel-Gaza conflict. As a reminder, this situation is ongoing, and information can change. Be sure to keep yourself up-to-date and informed on the latest happenings. On Tuesday, we learned that Israel’s military has announced that they had regained control of the Gaza-Israel border following the deadly Hamas attack, and that they continue to air strike Gaza. Additionally, they have ordered a cutoff of water, food, and electricity to the already suffering population of 2.3 million in this extremely densely populated area. The death toll continues to rise on both sides, and while digesting the information that the media shows, it is important to take a long-term, full-scope view and ensure you are getting accurate information and understand how the conflict is affecting people around the world.

Minneapolis locals demand an end to US aid to Israel outside the office of Senator Amy Klobuchar 📸 Signal Photos

The US historically is a close ally of Israel, and has been very clear in their support of them throughout this conflict. Remarks from President Joe Biden on October 10th reiterated his support of Israel and distaste for the Hamas, whom he called a terrorist organization. This support does not come without it’s own set of internal conflicts as many people in the US stand on the opposite side of the debate, highlighting the decades of Palestinian destruction and murder at the hands of Israel. Since the US has been a longtime supporter and provided weaponry to Israel for decades, many people partially blame the US for the death and destruction that has taken place in Palestine over the years. On Tuesday, the first US weapons shipment arrived since the start of the war with Hamas, as Biden extended his support, ensuring that Israel “can defend itself today, tomorrow, – as we always have.” 

While Biden gets the most attention due to his position, many US-based companies and organizations have come forward with social media posts announcing their support for Israel following the attacks. Very few have come forward supporting Palestine, which could be attributed to the fear of response being too harmful to be worth it. A basketball reporter was fired for tweeting in contrast to the team’s beliefs and in support of Palestine

We are saddened by the violence endured by the many innocent families, and are hopeful for a peaceful resolution. 

If you are one of the increasing numbers of people watching and supporting women’s sports, you have probably found it difficult to find a place to watch games outside of your home. Women’s sports fans have experienced frustration going from bar to bar looking for a place where they can enjoy their favorite teams. Viewers are tired of having to ask a staff member to change the channel, to which they are often met with confusion and annoyance. Many feel it is important to have a place where the emphasis is primarily to provide a place for women’s sports fans to come together and enjoy games.

Currently, there is no women’s sports focused bar in Minnesota, and there are still very few across the country. That is where Jillian Hiscock steps in. She plans on opening “A Bar Of Their Own”, an inclusive, family-friendly space that will include a restaurant and display a wide variety of women’s sports, from roller derby to football. Hiscock hopes to open “A Bar Of Their Own” in time for the Big Ten women’s basketball tournament that is being hosted in Minneapolis in March 2024. Their crowdfunding campaign has elapsed almost $100,000. To learn more or donate, click here.

Driver’s Licenses for All officially took effect on October 1st and now an estimated  81,000 Minnesotans have become eligible to apply for one. While most of the requirements are the same, the requirement to provide proof of legal presence in the US is no longer in effect, meaning undocumented immigrants are now eligible to apply for a license. Written tests are still required, but will be offered in eight different languages, including American Sign Language.

Governor Tim Walz and Lt. Governor Peggy Flanagan with DLFA supporters 📸 Star Tribune

These efforts have made the process of becoming licensed much more inclusive, which the DVS says will make the roads safer for everyone by increasing the number of licensed, trained, and insured drivers. Initiative leaders from COPAL and Unidos MN say that the rollout has been smooth, noting that they had not heard of any protests or attempted intimidation at DVS offices. That being said, the written test is not easy, and many have failed so far. This is seemingly due to the wave of applicants who chose to apply before giving themselves enough time to practice and study. For the folks who have successfully passed their tests, some give credit to organizations like Communidades Organizando el Poder y Acción Latina (COPAL) for providing support and information throughout the process. For specifics on the new law and where to apply, click here.

“Detroit Tigers’ Miguel Cabrera acknowledges fans after leaving the game in the eighth inning of a baseball game, Sunday, Oct. 1, 2023, in Detroit. Cabrera will retire after the game” 📸 AP Photo | Paul Sancya

If you are interested in sports and/or Latino success stories, check out my article about the impact and career of Miguel Cabrera. I went to Detroit for the Miggy celebration weekend and was lucky enough to witness his 3,174th and final career hit in person. Read a short preview below!

The historic career of Miguel Cabrera, widely considered to be one of the greatest Venezuelan athletes of all time, came to a conclusion on Sunday, October 1st. “#24 has grabbed a glove, and he’s heading out to first base, by himself!” The crowd erupts. In his 2797th and final game, Miggy would take the field one last time to embrace the sold out crowd of over 41,000 fans.Read more here

That’s all from me, we’ll see you next time.


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