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Isabella and Mateo talk Latiné DJ Cristian Baca and Minnesota’s Water Wave TV

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We’d like to introduce you to a new NewPrensa writer, Mateo Peralta. He’s our Communications intern at NewPublica and a recent UW-Madison grad, glad to be back in Minneapolis where he was born and raised. He is a rap music enthusiast and a big sports fan.

For our 270 edition, Mateo and I discussed the importance of local artist and cultural representation in the Twin Cities music scene. We sat down to think about who’s doing it and who’s doing it the best way. That’s why this week we want to talk about popular Latinx DJ Cristian Baca who’s been selling out some of the biggest venues in the Twin Cities with his Reventón party, and highlighted local music news business Water Wave TV. 

Water Wave TV: Putting Minnesota Artists First 
by Mateo Peralta

Water Wave TV Store, located on Como Ave in Dinkytown 📸 @WaterWaveMpls

The media often overlook the underground music scene in Minnesota. Radio stations fine-tune popular music to their specific crowd, and the more prominent media outlets tend to favor the more nationally famous, often touring artists that come to Minnesota, which leaves entire communities to find new outlets or create their own. In 2018, WaterWave TV did just that by starting a YouTube channel where they would post artist interviews and music videos. Within a couple of years, they were able to open a physical store in Dinkytown during the COVID-19 pandemic. At the start, WaterWave TV wasn’t much more than a few friends with a love for fashion, music, and social media, as their store primarily was a sneaker and clothing resell shop, selling popular clothing brands and hard-to-find shoes. Over the next several years, they would transform WaterWave TV into a multifaceted media company taking strides to fill the gaps needed to support and uplift local Minnesota talent.

Flyer for a show hosted by Water Wave TV at 7th St Entry 📸 @WaterWaveTV

Throughout their existence, a main part of what has allowed them to retain their status and maintain relevancy has been their desire to post a wide variety of music-related content highlighting local Minnesota artists, including, but not limited to music videos, artist interviews, artist show recaps, festival vlogs, and podcasts. While the physical store in Dinkytown has allowed them to gain local support and recurring business, a lot of their notoriety came from their strong and ever-active social media presence across platforms like YouTube and Instagram. On YouTube, they have amassed over 13,000 subscribers and 3 million total views. On Instagram, Water Wave TV has four accounts, each with its own purpose. Their main page, @WaterWaveTV, is used to post about Minnesota music, news, and concerts, and to spread potential local viral content. Their secondary page, @WaterWaveMpls, is for their physical store. They also have newer pages for their music collective, Water Wave Music Group, and another for gaming, a new area in which they have had success. This emphasis on social media activity has opened the door for endless connections as they continue to build their brand. Recently, Water Wave Music Group artist Treyson Green collaborated with Minnesota Vikings running back Alexander Mattison to release a single titled “Gone”.

Water Wave TV Founder Ricky Geisthardt with WaterWave Music Group Artist Treyson Green 📸 @doozy612 

The physical store has become a main hub for many of their ventures, many in their studio. Their studio is a multipurpose space used for recording interviews, podcasts, music, and other content, and is also available to rent. With this many different ventures ongoing, it may appear that Water Wave TV has a large team behind them, but that is not the case. It is very much still a small business, mostly run by Eric “Ricky” Geisthardt and Kelvino, the co-founders. You can find Ricky doing a number of different things, including hosting the live podcast show “Water Wave Effect” every Wednesday morning, interviewing artists, working behind the counter at their store, and hosting shows at local venues like The Pourhouse and 7th St Entry. Kelvino is also involved in most of these, and occasionally from the opposite side, as he is an artist himself, often headlining the Water Wave TV hosted shows or featuring in a music video.

Rhythms of Resilience: Dj Cristian Baca’s Quest through Twin Cities’ Sonic Landscape 
by Isabella Silva-Biotti

Sold Out First Avenue Headline Show 📸 Cristian Baca

Nestled in the heart of the Twin Cities, where the Mississippi River weaves through a diverse landscape, an extraordinary urban symphony unfolds beneath the vibrant glow of neon lights. Meet Cristian Baca, a Mexican-American DJ whose presence resonates through the dynamic Minneapolis music scene. From his early beginnings spinning tracks at college gatherings and downtown rooftops, Baca’s journey has become a living testament to the vital role of diversity and inclusivity in the realm of partying.

Baca burst onto the scene with his renowned Reventón parties in 2018. The ripples of his artistry culminated on October 30th, 2021, when he shared the stage with the EDM/House DJ, Tiesto. The magnitude of that moment was etched in memory, as his wife and operational partner, Liliana, fondly recalls. Fast forward to the vibrant summer of 2023, where Baca’s shows have consistently sold out, playing at iconic venues such as Pourhouse, First Avenue, and Varsity Theatre. The secret to his success? An innate understanding of his audience and the scene. 

Continue reading the full story here.

That’s all from us, we’ll see you next time.

-Isabella and Mateo

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