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Hello, friends. It’s Ebe.

I hope you’ve been well. I hope you’ve been healthy. I hope you’ve taken the time to ground yourself and be present. I hope you’ve been grateful. I hope you’ve laughed today. I hope that you’ve taken the time to feel and heal. Life comes at you fast, folks, and it don’t stop for nobody! Do me a big favor and take it easy on yourself today.

Freeze Pop Records Presents: Popsikle. It’s not a mixtape — it’s a movement. Freeze Pop Records is thrilled to announce the release of “Popsikal”, a collaborative album featuring a line up of Minnesota pop-centric/pop-adjacent artists in highlighting Minnesota’s rich and dynamic pop music scene. “Popsikal” features the collective talents of 11 exceptional Minnesotan pop artists. Beyond that, all aspects of the creation of this album were handled locally- from mixing and mastering to the artwork and physical production!

“Our mission with this album is to cultivate and support a diverse pop music community by creating meaningful experiences” highlights hyperpop-adjacent artist Symone Wilson (SYM1), co-owner of Freeze Pop Records. “Through the common language of pop music, we are able to bridge gaps in the music scene and create connections among artists and fans alike.”

Set to release on Friday, May 31st, the album will be available both online (via streaming services) and as a physical vinyl record, available for purchase exclusively at SolSta Records. Accompanying the album release will be a release party this June. Stay tuned for details! Freeze Pop Records is excited to announce their sponsors including RadioK, Sue McLean & Associates, Sick Clip Records, and SolSta Records.

Learn more about the contributing artists:





Maddie Lives


Jane October


Chad Atkins


26 Bats

Amanda Bynes, Drake Bell, Josh Peck 📸 Kevin Mazur | WireImage

Anyone also been obsessed with the Nickelodeon Quiet on Set documentary? When our 300th edition came out, the doc was fresh on everyone’s minds and newsfeeds. Comments of love and support flooded Drake Bell’s social media pages as viewers and actors worldwide reacted to the shocking admissions of a toxic work environment, and more importantly, child abuse. Bell was revealed to be the John Doe in the 2003 case against former dialogue coach, Brian Peck, who was convicted of lewd acts against a child. Many folks who grew up watching Nickelodeon in the early 2000’s, such as myself, felt the heavy impact of now knowing the horrors that occured behind closed doors of our favorite shows. I’ve been religiously watching former Zoe 101 cast member Alexa Nikolas’s videos on her YouTube channel covering NOW there is ANOTHER star coming forward in a fifth episode coming out this weekend! I’m anxiously waiting to see who it’s going to be and preparing myself for the emotional rollercoaster this new episode is sure to be. The documentary is available to watch on Max and available for purchase on Amazon.

📸 Photo by Melissa Mayes

In just a few days, a total solar eclipse will enchant spectators across the United States from Texas to Maine. On April 8th, the moon will obscure the sun entirely, casting darkness for a few minutes in what’s known as a total solar eclipse. These eclipses occur when the moon moves between the sun and the earth, creating a shadow on the earth that blocks sunlight completely. NASA explains that those in the center of this shadow will experience a proper, full solar eclipse.

It’s been nearly seven years since the U.S. saw a coast-to-coast solar eclipse, and this one will be even cooler and longer-lasting than the 2017 eclipse. While not all states will see it in its totality, every state will see at least a partial eclipse. Things like these remind us of how tiny we really are in this universe.

The eclipse will start in Texas and progress across the U.S., with totality times varying by location. Skies will darken, and temperatures will drop, mimicking dusk during totality. If you’re thinking of observing this celestial wonder, make sure you wear protective eye gear!

Stay informed, stay connected. 

See you next week! 

-Ebe and the NewPrensa team

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