About Us

Welcome to New Prensa!
A new way to highlight Minnesota Latino voices

We are an online only multimedia outlet that highlights Minnesota’s many diverse Latino voices. Our voices will reach you through written articles, podcasts, video and social media. We will reach you mostly in English and sometimes in Spanish.

You can be part of our conversation about politics, art, fashion, music, current affairs, pop culture, food, health care, personal finances, jobs, education, film and hot topics in our community. You can join the conversation, or you can simply read, listen, watch and or share.

Everyone is welcome to share their experiences, or learn about our community. Share or find out what hurts us, excites us, angers us or makes us laugh!

Some of us were born in the US and some of us come from families that have been part of this nation for generations. Some of us were born in Mexico, Central America, South America, Puerto Rico and the Caribbean. What unites us is language, culture, passion, love for family, hard work, entrepreneurism and creativity.

We are very diverse. We come from multiple races, different parts of the world, our Spanish slang is diverse, we have different tastes and enjoy different flavors. We are brown, black and white. We love our country and our culture.

Our community is now under attack from opportunistic political “leaders” that are using our community as the latest scapegoat to win political power by appealing to our worst instincts.

We are not criminals, rapists or murderers. We are united in countering that narrative. We pay tens of Billions in taxes We create jobs. We contribute a lot to our nations culture.  We are doctors, lawyers. politicians, CEO’s, entrepreneurs, teachers, cooks, mechanics, scientists, marketers, security guards, soldiers, police officers, gardeners, factory workers, farmers, bus drivers, government workers, architects, construction workers and we are part of every industry and sector in the US.

We are Democrats, Socialists, Capitalists, Republicans and Independents, but we are united in advocating for a united nation that values our language and culture as an asset, rather than seeing us as a problem.

Minnesota Latinos now communicate and consume information largely online, and New Prensa will be a platform where local Latino voices will communicate through writing, podcasts and video. We will be very active on social media.

Join us. Like us. Retweet us, Follow us. Tag us, Forward us, Read us, Watch us, Listen to us, Talk about us. Join the New Prensa conversation!