We Are Resilient. We Are Strong. We Are MN. – Issue 109

May 28 – June 3, 2020
Edition 109 

The Minneapolis Police Union Must Change

A group of police officers outside of a Minneapolis precinct. Credit | Minnesota ReformerIn light of recent events surrounding the murder of George Floyd, the president of the Minneapolis Police union, Bob Kroll, finally spoke up. Javier Morillo from Minnesota Reformer reports: 

“In a letter to members, Kroll justifies the killing, vows to fight for the jobs of the man indicted of murder and his three as yet unindicted colleagues. He openly claims to have plotted with the Republican Senate majority leader to subvert the constitutional power of the governor. His letter is Exhibit A for an assertion I made early last week that some found hyperbolic at the time: We were witnessing in Minneapolis was a rebellion of the police department against the city they work for, a rebellion against the very concept of civilian leadership of the police, and a rebellion against their first Black police chief.”

Frankly, this narrative is disgusting. Things must change between the relationship of the police union and the City of Minneapolis, and Javier Morillo, former president of SEIU Local 26, details seven reforms needed to loosen the grip of the Minneapolis Police Federation on the city it is holding hostage.

In Solidarity

A protester holding a sign that reads “Tu Lucha es Mi Mucha” – “Your Struggle is My Struggle” Credit | HipLatinaA ton has happened since the murder of George Floyd in the hands of Minneapolis police last Monday. From Los Angeles to New York, Minneapolis to Houston, the masses are making it loud and clear that they want change and justice. Latinos across the country are rallying together to show support for Black Lives Matter.  Young Minnesota Somalis are taking center stage in the George Floyd protests and are making it clear that they want change. Asian Americans are making their voices heard across the country.  It’s been more than a week since the murder of George Floyd, and the protests show no signs of fading.

Despite the insurgence of protests nationwide, one prominent figure aims to quash the voices and opinions of those vocalizing their opinions about the systemic injustices that led this happening. This figure is President Donald Trump, and he has recently threatened to mobilize the military against protesters. Fortunately, Defense Secretary Mark Esper declared on Wednesday that he opposes using military troops for law enforcement in containing street protests.


Getting sick in the midst of the pandemic is a terrifying experience. Even if you feel a bit under the weather, one question will ring through your head: “is it coronavirus?” Our friends at the Minnesota Department of Health have heard our desperate pleas, and created a handy chart that can answer this burning question.

During times of tragedy, it’s important that we come together as a community for healing. COVID-19 has made this difficult, but there are still ways to help slow the spread while you connect with your loved ones. I hope that you’re all staying safe.

Black Lives Matter, Covid-19, and Latin America

The temperature of a Bolivian child is being measured in front of a Bolivian embassy in Santiago, Chile. Credit | Marcelo Hernandez/Getty Images]

“Over the weekend, as #BlackLivesMatter protests increased across the United States demanding an end to police brutality, in the Dominican Republic, Twitter users used the moment to reflect on racism within the country with the hashtag #PeroNoSomosRacistas (“But we are not racists”). The hashtag is meant to be ironic, taking on the myth of a post-racial society often touted by many across the globe whenever the issue of racism comes up. The hashtag confronts this by citing clear examples of antiblack racism.” from Latino Rebels: Dominicans Use Hashtag #PeroNoSomosRacistas to Call Out Myths About Discrimination.

In an unfortunate turn of events, Latin America is now the epicenter of the COVID-19 pandemic. Brazil alone reported the highest daily COVID-19 death toll for five straight days last week, with 1,086 casualties on Wednesday alone. Other countries in Latin America are seeing their numbers rise at alarming rates, as Mexico, Chile, and Peru have been struggling to contain the virus. Despite the increases, many experts think that Latin America hasn’t reached a peak yet.

Fondo del Barril

A glimpse of the overflow of donations to Sanford Middle School. Credit | MSN
We are living in one of the most tumultuous times in modern history. A global pandemic. Heightened tensions between police and civilians. Rising global climate crisis. And much more. Despite these things, one thing is certain: our ability to band together for love and support is amazing. Plenty of people and organizations have risen to the occasion to provide support to those in need. Take for example this WWII veteran from Minnesota, who for his 100th birthday, is walking 100 miles to raise money for coronavirus relief. Since the beginning of his walk in May, he’s raised over $42,000 – all of which will go to the Salvation Army’s feeding and emergency programs. ¡Increíble!Anyone here familiar with Sanford middle school in Minneapolis? The school is a few blocks away from the now burned 3rd precinct police station, and they put out a call for help in response to the grocery stores that have been destroyed due to the protests. They requested 85 meal kits to be donated, but received an overflow of donations that filled the school’s lawn with supplies and caused traffic backups all day.

Guess what? The winners of the International Photography Awards are here, and they’re gorgeous.

Café Libre

Don’t miss the special Cafe Libre program on Coronavirus (COVID-19) that was broadcast May 23red on Univision Minnesota in collaboration with New Prensa.
  • Melisa Lopez Franzen interviews Lucilla Davilla with the Folwell School for the Performing Arts
  • Oscar Rodriguez interviews US Senator Tina Smith. Part 1 and Part 2
Café Libre, is a weekly program in Spanish featuring NewPublica’s very own Alberto Monserrate and Melisa Franzen. In this talk show you can keep up with the latest things that are happening in Minnesota including politics, health, immigration and more. Tune in every Saturday at 10am for the latest events at Univision Minnesota, in collaboration with your online media source New Prensa. Pour a cup and join the conversation. Check out one of the latest episodes covering coronavirus here. For all the latest episodes, visit our YouTube channel. Don’t forget to subscribe!

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