Remember his name: George Floyd – Issue 108

May 21 – 27, 2020
Edition 108 

Remember his name: George Floyd

The following paragraph has graphic descriptions of violence
An FBI investigation is underway following a fatal encounter between George Floyd and Minneapolis police that occurred on Monday evening. A video of his arrest circulated on social media where it shows a police officer pressing his knee into Floyd’s neck behind a squad car. Floyd repeatedly groans and says he can’t breathe, and bystanders repeatedly tell this to nearby police. The officer doesn’t remove his knee until medical personnel arrive and carry him to an ambulance where he was later pronounced dead by medical officials.Floyd had deep ties to the community and his friends and family remember him as a big man with a heart to match. He worked security for years at Conga Latin Bistro, and was loved by patrons.

This isn’t the first time a black man has died to the hands of the police, and Minnesotan leaders are calling for the officers involved to be held accountable. At a Tuesday morning press conference, Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey spoke about the graphic video.

“Being black in America should not be a death sentence,” Frey said. “What we saw is horrible, completely and utterly messed up.”


Best safety practices for #StaySafeMN
As the summer inches closer and Minnesota gradually opens up, this one thing becomes a non-negotiable: wearing a face mask in public. Yup, you heard me correctly – wearing a face mask is non-negotiable because it helps keeps other safe. Wearing a face mask is necessary in public situations where social distancing is difficult to do, such as in grocery stores, pharmacies, and gas stations. They may help slow the spread of the virus. Next time you’re out in public, wear a face mask, and you may have just saved a life.Still on the search for a face mask? Te tenemos cubierto (we got you covered). Check out these 15 Latinx Brands Making Face Masks to protect Against Coronavirus. 

Star Rising

Yalitza Aparicio, the star of Roma. Credit | Remezcla
Roma, a 2018 drama film, follows the life of a live-in housekeeper (played by Yalitza Aparicio) of a middle-class family based on the director’s (Alfonso Cuarón) upbringing in the Colonia Roma neighborhood of Mexico City. The film has been widely acknowledged as one of the best films in 2018 by critics. Aside from being an amazing piece of storytelling, it has played a big part in sparking conversations about racism against Mexico’s indigenous communities and the unfair treatment of domestic workers in Mexico. Even though the film was released two years ago, Yalitza Aparicio is still working to fight racism in Mexico.
“The escalation of the COVID-19 pandemic from the first reported cases in China, to the spread of the virus across the globe over the course of few months, is vividly chronicled in “Mãe!” (Mom!), a new short film created in isolation by two artists, in two different hemispheres, united by two bonds: their childhood friendship and concern for the health and safety of their loved ones, miles away, back in their home country.” From Latino Rebels: MÃE! (Mom!): New Short Film Created in Isolation Depicts Challenges of Immigrants Facing COVID-19 Pandemic Away From Home


With more people staying at home, recycling facilities are seeing more paper, cardboard, metal cans, plastic containers and other packaging waste coming in. Our nation’s supply chains are eager for these materials, which will be turned made into packaging, toilet paper and other vital items in high demand right now. By recycling better, you can do your part to keep vital items in stock.
Take the time to learn what should go in your recycling cart. When in doubt, there are many resources to find the answer:1. Contact your recycling hauler.
2. Contact your city.
3. Use the Ramsey County online disposal guide.
4. Call our 24/7 hotline at 651-633-EASY.

For more information, visit New Prensa’s website.

Fondo del Barril

Burger King debuts their “”Social Distance Crowns” in Germany. Credit | Business Insider
Need help abiding by social distance guidelines? Well, why not try wearing the “social-distance crowns that debuted in Germany that helps customers keep six feet apart. Restaurants all over the world are crafting creative ways to encourage social distancing, from stuffed animals at tables to pool noodle hats, who says social distancing can’t be (at the very least) fun?¡Qué vista! Airbnb has beautiful properties on the website, including… Fields!? That’s right. For the price of $1,500, you can rent a minor league baseball stadium in Florida all for yourself. This is the first time a professional U.S. sports stadium has been listed on the website, all thanks to the pandemic.

Café Libre

Don’t miss the special Cafe Libre program on Coronavirus (COVID-19) that was broadcast May 23red on Univision Minnesota in collaboration with New Prensa.
Café Libre, is a weekly program in Spanish featuring NewPublica’s very own Alberto Monserrate and Melisa Franzen. In this talk show you can keep up with the latest things that are happening in Minnesota including politics, health, immigration and more. Tune in every Saturday at 10am for the latest events at Univision Minnesota, in collaboration with your online media source New Prensa. Pour a cup and join the conversation. Check out one of the latest episodes covering coronavirus here. For all the latest episodes, visit our YouTube channel. Don’t forget to subscribe!

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