Murder Hornets, Lucha Libre, Movies y Más! – Issue 105

April 30 – May 6, 2020
Edition 105

Local Coronavirus Updates

Protesters in a car outside of Caribou Coffee holding a sign that says "Life is short, stay alive for it!"
Protesters shut down a drive-thru at Caribou Coffee in Roseville, demanding greater protections for workers during the pandemic. Credit: Max Nesterak/Minnesota Reformer.
The pandemic has shone a light on the harsh reality that many essential workers face in American society, and many of these people have paid the ultimate price for remaining on the front lines in unsafe working conditions: their lives. This includes Armando Solis, a man who has worked as a janitor for 10 years in the U.S. Bank Plaza who died of COVID-19 last week. The union he worked with, Services Employees International Union (SEIU) is now rallying to call on employers to provide hazard pay, personal protective equipment, and special training to deal with the coronavirus for its 8,000 member janitors, security guards, and airport workers, Max Nesterak with the Minnesota Reformer reports.Three dozen honking cars blocked the drive-thru of a Caribou Coffee in Roseville last Monday. The protesters were calling on the chain to provide more personal protective equipment, sick time, and hazard pay for workers.

Last week, I shared how an emergency petition to release Minnesota ICE detainees due to COVID-19 saw its day in court. The detainees argued that staying in custody violated their constitutional and due process rights because the conditions put their health at risk. Well, it looks like the court decided against the release, as the judge ruled “the jail’s inability to completely prevent the spread of the virus does not violate their legal rights.” The ultimate decision for this case will now go to U.S. District Judge Nancy E. Brasel. Curious how the crisis is impacting jails? Well, check out what it’s like inside the jail with one of the country’s largest coronavirus outbreaks.

National Coronavirus Updates

A man wearing a luche libra mask sewing face masks
Mexican lucha libre wrestler Hijo del Soberano sews face masks since his matches have stopped due to the pandemic. Credit: NPR

“If you feel confused about whether people should wear masks and why and what kind, you’re not alone. COVID-19 is a novel disease and we’re learning new things about it every day. However, much of the confusion around masks stems from the conflation of two very different functions of masks.” You can say that again. There’s a ton of confusion about the function of masks out there and what they can (and can’t) do. Fortunately, they can help curb the pandemic. Learn about the function of masks from The Atlantic, how to make and wear them from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and how this Mexican lucha libre wrestler is sewing masks to fight COVID-19. ¡Cáspita!

COVID-19 has shaken the global economy to its core, and the pandemic is testing economic relationships, including between the United States and Mexico. Many essential businesses that the United States needs in Mexico are shutting down, and those that have remained open are facing backlash from workers as they fear for their lives in unsafe conditions.

Puerto Rico just. Can’t. Get. A. Break. This past weekend a 5.5-magnitude earthquake struck the country and damaged the historic Museo de la Masacre de Ponce, a memorial to the 1937 civil rights protest that left 19 civilians and two police officers dead. 

Fondo del Barril

A couple watching a movie on a building
Recognize that flick that’s projected on the wall? If your guess was Loving Vincent you’re right on the money. This film is project on the wall of a neighborhing building from this couple’s balcony in Berlin’s Kreuzberg district. The German capital is one of the world’s most diverse cinema cities and are creatively offering film showings.

The pandemic has led many across the world to rethink how they enjoy entertainment with others, and one way people are watching movies are from their apartment buildings and cities throughout Germany, Colombia, and France. Check out this gallery of urban of movie-goers from The Atlantic.

Well, we’re five months in 2020 and this year has already been one heck of a ride. Well it’s only getting worse, as it looks like Japanese ‘murder hornets‘ have arrived to the U.S. and are here to kick honeybee ass and take names. These Asian giant hornets use mandibles shaped like spiked shark fines to wipe out a honeybee hive in a matter of hours, decapitating the bees and flying away with their parts to feed their young. Their stings reportedly make for an excruciating feeling like hot metal driving into your skin…. Yeah, moving to Antarctica sounds good right about now.


Café Libre

Don’t miss the special Cafe Libre program on Coronavirus (COVID-19) that was broadcast May 2nd on Univision Minnesota in collaboration with New Prensa.
  • Oscar Rodriguez interviews Minnesota Governor Tim Walz. Check out part one and part two of this interview.
  • Melisa Lopez Franzen interviews Nathan Ellis who recently worked with FEMA and shares his perspective on federal aid for COVID-19.
Café Libre, is a weekly program in Spanish featuring NewPublica’s very own Alberto Monserrate and Melisa Franzen. In this talk show you can keep up with the latest things that are happening in Minnesota including politics, health, immigration and more. Tune in every Saturday at 10am for the latest events at Univision Minnesota, in collaboration with your online media source New Prensa. Pour a cup and join the conversation. Check out one of the latest episodes covering coronavirus here. For all the latest episodes, visit our YouTube channel. Don’t forget to subscribe!

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