January 31-February 6, 2020
Edition 92

Minnesota Latinx Insights

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Super Bowl LIV Highlights

Did you catch Sunday’s big game? The Kansas City Chiefs defeated the San Francisco 49ers 31-20 at Hard Rock Stadium in Miami. The Chiefs’ 4th quarter rally lead to Patrick Mahomes and the team’s Super Bowl LIV win, which even caught Trump’s eye. Trump’s congratulations tweet turned into a fumble, when he tweeted that “(The Chiefs) represented the Great State of Kansas…” when they are in fact located in Kansas City, Missouri. Fail.

But Sunday’s real spotlight was on Latinx artists Demi Lovato, Shakira and Jennifer Lopez. Lovato began the show with the National Anthem, which received high praise from “Lovatics” for being her second performance in two years after battling an overdose. During Halftime, Sharkia and Jennifer Lopez delivered a high-energy halftime show which ended in the two stars hugging at the end and taking in the history-making moment as the first Latina duo to headline the event.

The internet can’t stop taling about the show – but one of the moments that truly was unforgettable was when Jennifer Lopez, 50, unfurled a feather cape representing the Puerto Rican flag which spread tears, joy and gratitude across the territory. Another one of our favorite moments? As Lopez was finishing her “Dance Again” hit, Hard Rock Stadium turned dark — only to be brightened by her daughter Emme and other children who were caged in neon structures. While moving out of the cage, the younger Lopez began to sing the opening lyrics of “Let’s Get Loud” and cameras focused on kids with sweaters that had U.S. flags on them, many believing it was a nod to Trump’s “zero tolerance” immigration policy. Lopez’s daughter Emme then stole the show as she belted out “Born in the USA” with her famous mother in an act of female empowerment.

But some fans had mixed reactions, many saying the performance was “too sexy” when a lot of those people didn’t have a problem with a shirtless Adam Levine last year. Some opinion pieces are even saying “dear white people: the show wasn’t too sexy, you’re just racist.” Whatever your opinion is, you can watch the full performance here.

A Look at Minneapolis

It should come as no surprise that the Twin Cities has a thriving, vibrant arts community — after all, we have the second-largest number of theaters per capita in the country outside of New York City and a vibrant East African community that contributes to the local arts scene. If you’re feeling the winter doldrums, challenge yourself to get out of the house and explore some of the world-class art, museums, and theaters that Minnesota has to offer. We’ve rounded everything from a provocative investigation of Latinx clichés to identity politics, and more at the Walker Art Center all month. So spend these snowy months in the warm embrace of the Twin Cities arts community. ¡Fantástico!

Speaking of celebrating all Minnesota has to offer, City Pages’ People Issue celebrates people making Minnesota a better place – and this month it’s celebrating Deborah Ramos, a Minneapolis-based visual artist who is inspiring her community and beyond. Dance, live music, visual art, food, crafts, and a family art-making afternoon—over the last seven years, the Festival de las Calaveras has grown into a multi-day, multidisciplinary celebration of Latinx culture. It spans venues across the Twin Cities and genres from hip-hop to traditional Aztec dance. Some years, it featured nearly 250 different artists. And it all grew out of a corn plot in Minneapolis’s Central neighborhood with an idea by Deborah Ramos. Read more about her inspiring story here.

Café Libre

Welcome to Café Libre, a weekly program in Spanish featuring NewPublica’s very own owners: Alberto Monserrate and Melisa Franzen. In this brand new talk show you can keep up with the latest things that are happening in Minnesota including politics, health, immigration and more. Tune in every Saturday at 10am for the latest events at Univision Minnesota, also in collaboration with your online media source New Prensa. Pour a cup and join the conversation!

The Political Side

Thousands of Venezuelans filled a Miami convention center Saturday to hear Venezuela’s opposition leader, Juan Guaidó, promise freedom for his country. Guaidó received a warm reception in his first trip to South Florida since he assumed an interim presidency one year ago. Florida is home to the largest Venezuelan diaspora in the country. Guaidó vowed to put an end to the government of Nicolás Maduro and create a continent free of dictatorships. “We have a plan, we have a strategy, and we have the support of the world,” Guaidó told the audience, many of them wearing caps and jackets with the Venezuelan flag, as they shouted Libertad, the Spanish word for freedom.

Let’s take a look at the Midwest. In a nod to Spanish-speaking Latino voters, the Iowa caucus featured bilingual sites, as the Latinx community continues to rise from its current 6% of the population. Des Moines has the most Latinos, but there are also many small towns in Iowa that are predominantly Hispanic and wouldn’t be in existence if it weren’t for Latinos. Iowa residents are thrilled about this voting change. “It’s like my voice is being heard through this caucus,” said a young woman planning to participate. ¡Increíble!


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