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December 13-19, 2019
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Home For the Holidays

Although Christmas and New Years Eve may signal the end of the holiday season for many, for some, the celebrations continue well into the new year. Although not traditionally celebrated by all, Three Kings’ Day, also occasionally referred to as Little Christmas, is a Christian feast day on Jan. 6 that represents the biblical adoration of baby Jesus by the three kings. Many Latinx communities around the world celebrate Three Kings Day. If you’re unfamiliar, here is everything you need to know about the holiday.

Speaking of holiday celebrations, there’s no one way to celebrate Christmas, especially when it comes to Latinx holiday traditions. With over 20 countries encompassing Latin America, holiday festivities in El Salvador are just as distinct as they are in Costa Rica. From the tamale ingredients to the neighborhood caroling, Latinx culture is a vibrant mosaic of unique celebrations. Plus, Latinx families are continually finding ways to add new traditions to the mix. Hallmark’s Latinx Christmas Traditions and Holiday Celebrations post is part of the “Ways We Celebrate” series, which hears from people in different communities about what makes their traditions and celebrations unique—as well as discover the things we all share.

Twin Cities Startup Week

What do you get when you bring together hundreds of technology and entrepreneurial thought leaders? You get one of the hottest events in the Midwest: Twin Cities Startup Week. For six years, this seven-day conference has drawn some of the most talented investors, entrepreneurs, and innovators from all four corners of the country to connect, learn, and explore Minneapolis and Saint Paul, Minnesota. Twin Cities Startup Week is a dynamic, interactive event that encourages participants to explore both Minneapolis and Saint Paul while expanding their knowledge of tech and innovation.

Learn about Aya’s experience at Twin Cities Startup Week and all of the great innovation happening in Saint Paul. If you’re looking to join this vibrant community, check out Full Stack Saint Paul and read our other blog posts about the tech and innovation scene here, including how Saint Paul is attracting more people-of-color and women entrepreneurs.

Note: The City of Saint Paul is a client of NewPublica’s.

Culture Matters

Looking for a sublime Caribbean meal near you? Hoodline crunched the numbers to find the most delicious, authentic, Caribbean spots around Minneapolis, using both Yelp data and our own secret sauce to produce a ranked list of where to fill the bill. Here are the 3 Top-Ranked Caribbean Restaurants In Minneapolis including Guava’s Cuban Café, and more.

Looking for another way to get your Latinx culture fix? Check out the new Jumanji: The Next Level film in theaters now. The star-studded cast (Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson fans, anyone?)  includes Dominican actress Dania Ramírez playing the role of an avatar. For Ramírez, it’s a ‘dream’ playing an avatar in ‘Jumanji “for a Dominican girl who played video games for the first time in the United States — now acting in a big movie about a video game, this is my American dream.” ¡Fantástica!

Let’s take a look at the numbers. The 2020 election marks the first time in history that Latinos will be the largest minority ethnic or racial group in the electorate, with 32 million eligible voters. Why it matters: A surge in Latino voters could help Democrats up and down the ballot. But since 1996, most eligible Latino voters have not voted in presidential elections, according to the Pew Research Center. “The perpetual problem for Democrats in regards to Hispanic voters remains: converting potential votes into actual votes,” said Kyle Kondik, managing editor of Sabato’s Crystal Ball at the University of Virginia.

Art & Entertainment

In need of ways to get into the festive season? Here are 8 Latino Christmas movies you should watch to get into the holiday spirit. Christmas and the whole holiday season is an important time of year for Latinos, traditionally and culturally, so it’s exciting to see Latinos on screen portraying our seasonal conflicts, rituals and family dynamics whenever the opportunity arises —which isn’t all that often.

Looking for another way to snuggle up this holiday season? Here are a list of the best Latino books, according to Latinx writers.These Latino books include poetry collections, memoirs and novels from Angie Cruz, Jennine Capó Crucet, Carmen Maria Machado and more. So grab your loved ones, cozy up around the fire, and enjoy these books that top authors reading lists around the world.

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