November 22-28, 2019
Edition 82

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Count Your Blessings

Thanksgiving is a uniquely American holiday, meant to celebrate the (some not so sweet) origins of our country. Although the history of this holiday is much less savory than turkey dinner, its message of gratitude is a positive one, and ain’t nothing wrong with a day devoted to food. Latinos have their own Thanksgiving traditions too, and here’s a list of favorite foods and more. Plus. the definition of “American” is rich and complex—and Latinx folks have roots that go much further back in our country’s history than the very first Thanksgiving. So…if Thanksgiving is an American celebration, it is definitely a Latinx celebration, and you don’t know Thanksgiving til you’ve indulged in some of these favorite Latinx traditions.

Speaking of the holidays and eating tons of delicious pan con pollo, this time of year also means you’ll be eating tons of foods that might not be best for you in big portions. That’s why we’re here to help you with not overloading on tasty treats and last-minute recipes to WOW at your celebration. Here are 25 simple ways to make your Latinx holiday recipes healthier without sacrificing flavor, as you’re prepping for holiday dinner. iBuen Provecho!

An Artful Eye

Four Minnesotan artists, including a team of Latinx artists, have been chosen to create pieces to exhibit in the St. Paul City Hall council chambers. Their styles include murals, batiks and mixed media. The art will be rotated with existing works from the 1930s which some council members said do not reflect the city’s current values. The selected artists include CLUES Latinx Mural Apprenticeship Project, a St. Paul-based multi-ethnic team of artists, who will create a collaborative piece. Team members include Aaron Johnson-Ortiz, an artist at the only non-profit Latinx art gallery in Minnesota; Marina Castillo, who has exhibited for the Wilder Foundation; Gustavo Lira who made “Mosaic of the Americas,” the largest outdoor mosaic mural in the state; and Zamara Cuyun, a painter who explores Mayan history. ¡Fantástico!
Speaking of new art exhibits to keep an eye on, Puerto Rico reggaeton star Daddy Yankee is opening a museum in the U.S. Caribbean territory that will be dedicated to his life and the music that made him famous. The Daddy Yankee El Jefe Museum opens Friday in Plaza Las Américas — the island’s largest mall, in the San Juan area — and will be free of charge. The space of 8,000 square feet (743 square meters) will feature the history of reggaeton starting in 1991 as well as the artist’s clothes, awards and memorabilia. The museum will remain open through January.

Entertainment Highlights

Actor, producer and writer John Leguizamo says he’s been inspired by the younger Latino generation — and wants a comic book that reflects that. “Being Latinx is being a superhero,” said Leguizamo, using the increasingly popular, gender-neutral term. “They are go-getters, influencers, and they know they have to take matters into their own hands. And that is why I’m doing this comic book.” Leguizamo is referring to a crowdfunding project to create “PhenomX,” a comic book series that is a fresh take on an underdog story. It’s about an ex-con named Max Gomez who is wrongfully accused of a crime he didn’t commit, yet he’ll use his powers to help his fellow Latino community. The fate of “PhenomX” will depend on Latino and other fans to help reach the crowdfunding goal of $75,000 by December.

Looking for a free way to entertain your loved ones this holiday season? Check out these online children’s audio stories that are translated into Spanish with optional English translation. They include slow audio from a native Spanish speaker as well. The stories include your fairy tale favorites, from La Cenicienta to Hansel y Gretel. Great for kids…and adults too! Enjoy!

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