October 18-24, 2019
Edition 77

Minnesota Latinx Insights

This Weekly Newsletter shares local and national trends and events of interest to the Latinx community and those who feel Latinx.

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Empathy Workshop:
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This Week’s Highlights

The president hates who and what we love: Or, here’s a list of local restaurants to support today (and always). The ways to express one’s discontent with the worst men in our nation that visited Minneapolis earlier this month are… legion. Unrest is important. It is patriotic. Follow along as City Pages Food & Drink makes this proposition too easy (and too tasty) for you to ignore… This truly incomplete, far from comprehensive list of immigrant-originated restaurants in the Twin Cities, includes all of which we’ve come to love. This list includes Mercado Central and La Mexicana, among others. Community support is how they thrive. Patronize their establishments. Especially small ones you’ve yet to visit. Then tell someone new about your experience there. You’re helping them fight with your fork, every time you show up to eat. iDelicioso!
Another highlight from the week is Chile. In Chile, there was a deadly weekend of arson, riots and armed forces as discontent rose. Chile’s capital Santiago has been singed by fire. In riots sparked by anger over fare hikes, masked and hooded protesters have torched buses, metro stations, supermarkets, banks and the high-rise headquarters of a major energy firm. Around the city, flames and smoke mixed with tear gas and water cannon sprayed as armed forces mobilized on the streets for the first time in almost 30 years in a country that still shudders at the memory of military rule. “The illusion of the model Chile is over,” said an anthropology student. “Low wages, lack of healthcare and bad pensions have made people tired.”

Who needs more caffeine? Nespresso producing its first-ever, 100%, Puerto Rican coffee. The coffee pod giant is getting some help not only from brand ambassador George Clooney but fellow actor and playwright Lin-Manuel Miranda. Named Cafecito De Puerto Rico, the rare coffee is touted to highlight the natural earthiness of Puerto Rico’s coffee beans. Nespresso says it is launching the limited-edition line to reaffirm its commitment to reviving the island’s coffee industry after Hurricane Maria. ¡Increíble!

MSP Film Society: Cine Latino

We’re proud to partner with the MSP Film Society to help present this year’s #CineLatinoMSP, the region’s only celebration of cutting-edge Latin American and Ibero cinema! Returning for its 7th edition from November 1-7 on the Film Society’s Screen #3 at St. Anthony Main Theater. Grab your tickets and get more info here: http://bit.ly/CineLatino2019

Writing on the Wall

Minneapolis South High Schoolers – including many students of Latinx descent – find their voice as they get a national writing platform. Rapper and activist Paul Wenell Jr, the leader of the All Nations writing program, makes an important distinction between himself and the student authors of his new book Indigenous Originated: Walking in Two Worlds – ninth and tenth graders enrolled in the program at the high school. “While reading their words, I was reminded of my own time as a teen attending Minneapolis South High School – I can’t recall writing a single paper while there.” In the course of creating their anthology, the All Nations students spent a year honing their chops through the Mid-Continent Oceanographic Institute (MOI), a youth writing program that serves students with a satellite station at South High. Their building is strategically located at an intersection of underserved populations—including Native, Latinx, and East African kids—in Minneapolis’s Seward neighborhood and continues to help student underrepresented writers find their voice.

Although Hispanic Heritage Month is over, (Sept. 15 – Oct. 15) these 15 books by Latinos are still great. The list includes searing memoirs about bicultural identity, gripping novels and beautiful poetry collections. This year’s Hispanic Heritage Month was definintely an exciting season for publications by your favorite Latino authors and a few noteworthy newcomers. Highlights include Carmen Maria Machado’s new memoir, two years after her wildly popular story collection, “Her Body and Other Parties” and more. ¡Fantástico!

In case your favorite type of writing are comics, here’s a comic to help you understand why the term “Latinx” is growing in popularity. The gender-neutral term that’s supposed to be for everyone, well, isn’t.

El Directorio Hispanic Directory Advertising

Music to Our Ears

Pandora, a popular music discovery platform, launched a new Latinx music station El Detour in honor of Hispanic Heritage Month. In spirit of celebrating Latinx artists and music that defies the mold, Pandora launched the brand new music station to attempt to fill the gaps between Latinx artists and mainstream representation. The station includes an array of Latinx artists that cannot be defined by labels, as well as the inclusion of sub-genres within Latinx and Hispanic music. Some artists featured in the playlist include Kali Uchis, The Marías and Cuco. iFabuloso!
Speaking of changing the music game, Bad Bunny and J Balvin dropped a Day of the Dead-inspired music video over the weekend, which is already at 11 million views. With Halloween and Day of the Dead around the corner, reggeaton superstars Bad Bunny and J Balvin just released the music video for their supernatural love song, titled “La Canción,” which is perfect for the spooky holiday. Their latest collaboration is unlike anything you’ve heard before. The track is also the second single and music video from Oasis, their collaboration album that they released this summer. If you’re fans of the pair, you’ll love witnessing their over-the-top personalities that shine in the video. Watch the video here.

The Chunta: A Feature Film


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